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Get Informed

  • How will my orders be delivered?
    All orders are delivered right here on this site. When you checkout, login or create an account, and return to the site under "My Orders" to download your photos and videos.
  • When will my order be ready for download?
    Durning the event, many orders are ready for download minutes after the order is placed. However depending on internet availability, it may take longer. If placed after near or after the conclusion of the event, it may take longer to deliver the order due to travel times.
  • What is Same Day Productions' refund policy?
    Refunds can be requested for un-fulfilled orders or orders that have technical issues or glitches with products. Delivered orders without issues are ineligible for refunds.
  • What is post-event pricing?
    Photos and videos are offered at a lower price while the event is active. After midnight of the last day of your event, prices increase.
  • What are solo packages?
    Solo Packages are offered for routines with a single performer. These packages allow the purchase of all photos and the video for as single routine at a discounted price.
  • Are there packages offered for duos, trios, or groups?
    We currently do not offer package pricing for anything other than solos routines (one performer) and studio packages.
  • How do I arrange a studio package?
    Studio packages are special deals set up for 10 or more routines in a single studio. Please fill out the package request form linked below for pricing and more information or email for more details. FILL OUT THE PACKAGE REQUEST FORM HERE.
  • Do you offer products such as photo prints or DVDs?
    No - we only have digital files available for sale. However by purchasing the digital version you own the rights and are able to print photos using the digital download if desired.
  • I have ordered the wrong photo/video, can I get a refund or swap for the file I want?
    Unfortunately, no. All sales are final, with the exception noted within our refund policy. We aim to provide photo and video previews within minutes as each act leaves the stage so that customers are able to review before making their purchase.
  • The photo/video preview I want to view is not available. What do I do?
    Please email us at, noting the competition, studio, and dance. If this is discovered during your event weekend, you can also reach an SDP member through our Live Chat.
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